About us

MJ Tours & Travel is a local South Indian inbound tour operator based in Mahabalipuram, South India. It was founded in 2010 and is managed by Mathivanan Krishnan. We are a small group of dedicated people with a wealth of experience in the travel and hospitality sectors.

Here is a brief presentation of our team:


Waiting for night to fall to fish, Mathi (real name Mathivanan Krishnan) would spent the rest of the day on the beautiful beach in his small village to convince any foreign tourists who visited the beach to come and taste seafood and fish, deliciously cooked by his sisters. Thus Mathi was lucky enough to meet good people and get sponsored for college. After earning an MBA in marketing, in 2003 he started working for Club Mahindra Holidays, one of the top timeshare companies in India. He then worked for several years as a business developer in various IT-related companies before founding MJ Tours and Travel. Mathi has experience in successfully handling small, medium and larger travel groups. Mathi has kept the empathy and positivity which initially helped him on his way, and he still uses in his tourism work. Mathi is now head of his own company, MJ Tours and Travel, and he is offering to share with you the culture of South India.


Janaki passed out of the well-known Queen Mary’s College in Chennai with a B.A. in history after three years. She then spent a further two years obtaining an MA in Public Administration. She showed aptitude and interest in dealing with people. After realizing these as her core values, she worked in an organization as Floor Supervisor, responsible for training receptionists and customer care representatives for two years. She later worked as a history teacher for St Mary’s Matriculation School in Mahabalipuram where her co-ordination between the teachers and students was highly appreciated. She plays a vital role in our organization by receiving our customers in a graceful and hospitable manner, by sharing correct information with the customers, and by making sure things go as planned.


Arnaud is from France and has worked as an IT director for several well-known French internet companies. He came to India for the first time in 2008, fell in love with the country and its people and since then has hardly returned to visit his home country. Arnaud has played a significant role in the development of our website. Additionally, he has successfully managed numerous French travel groups in southern India. He plays a vital role in networking with our francophone clients and is responsible for promoting our service on the internet.

Our motto

Our aim is to offer tailor-made packages at very competitive rates and we strive to provide local experiences that is much more than just a holiday, offering our clients discovery, authenticity and genuine interactions with local people. We understand well our strengths and have chosen to focus on South India, the destination where we have the most experience, contacts and knowledge. However, we also have a good network for other regions in India. In addition, we provide events services for corporate professionals and individuals.

We thank all our friends who love India and have spent their valuable time helping us to create our website. Our special thanks to Adam, Alicky, Benthe, Carrie, Helen, Laurie, Mark, Patrick, Ravi and Sophie for their contributions.