Thekkady is India's largest wildlife sanctuary is a dream destination for any tourist visiting India. It also has India's only tiger reserve, with many varieties of flora and fauna. In the biggest wildlife sanctuary, you can sight Asian elephants, bison, sambar deer, boars, tigers, leopards, wild squirrels, lion tailed monkeys etc. Boat rides take two hours and you can see the elephants in their natural state.

Things to Do

Go for a night patrol with the forest authorities accompanied and forest guards.

See a Tiger

The ex-poachers of Periyar National Park will guide you to an experience of a lifetime. Their tailor-made programs allow groups to venture into the whole forest till sunset. The group includes 5 visitors, 5 guides and 2 forest officials. Spot a nilgiri Langur, meet an elephant and encounter the tiger!

Go hiking and rafting from dawn to dusk with guides.

Visit the town tea factories

Learn about spice and rubber plantations

Shop for Spices

Take an Elephant Ride

Leisure cruise on the Periyar

Small and big boats can be hired to sail on the river.


Mangaladevi Temple

Deep inside the forest of Periyar Tiger Reserve, you will find a 1000 years old ancient temple of Mangaladevi. This is the place, where, Kannaki, a legendary Tamil woman, betrayed all her grudge and transformed herself to be a divine lady (Mangaladevi) showering blessings upon the people on earth. Like the other temples in Kerala, Mangaladevi temple is not opened all the year round. The devotees can only worship the Devi during the time of Chitrapournami festival which falls on the month of April/May. This festival which occurs on a full moon day is jointly organized by the Kerala and Tamil Nadu governments. The priest from both the states comes to perform rituals during the festival. To make a trip to Mangaladevi temple, you will have to get prior permission from the wildlife warden of Thekkady. The journey to the temple is an interesting and daring experience. You can reach the temple only with the help of a jeep.There is lovely flora and fauna on the way.

Ganapathy Temple, Kumily

(No information available).


Chitrapournami (See above Mangaladevi Temple)

Thekaddy has no major festivals specific to itself, but state festivals are celebrated enthusiastically. Specifically:


Full of colours and joy


It is a flower bed competition and a traditional Kerala Feast called ‘Sadya’.

Travel Information

By Air

The Madurai airport is the nearest airport to Thekkady and it is well connected with different parts of India. It is around 136 km from the center of Thekkady

By Train

The nearest railway station is Kottayam at the distance of about 114 km.

By Bus

Long distance buses operate to Thekaddy.


Summer: Mar-May 26C-36C (A bit hot in the middle of the day) Monsoon: Jun-Sep Vry heavy rainfall at times with landslides. Best avoid. Winter: Oct-Feb 15C-21C Best time to visit & also festival time