Formerly Tranquebar, it was a Danish colony from 1620 to 1845. A Siva temple was built in 1306 - this is now the oldest monument in the town. The religious history of the town is complex and hard to follow-Tranquebar was occupied by the British in 1808 during the Napoleonic Wars but restored to Denmark in 1814 following the Treaty of Kiel. It was sold to the British in 1845.


Siva Temple

The popular Sri Masilamaniswara Temple is sited in Tharangambadi, which carries inscriptions from the Chola period. A new temple is being constructed here due to the sea erosion of the old temple.

Danish Museum

This exhibits objects from The Danish colonial period. The museum contains porcelain ware, Danish manuscripts, glass objects, Chinese tea jars, steatitle lamps, decorated terracotta objects, figurines, lamps, stones, sculptures, swords, daggers, spears, sudai (stucco) figurines and wooden objects. There is also part of a whale skeleton,a giant sawfish rostrum and small cannonballs

New Jerusalem Church

This was built in in 1718 and conducts services every Sunday. It was damaged during the 2004 tsumani and was renovated and re-consecrated in 2006

Fort Dansborg

This fort is substantially damaged


January is the best month to visit with temperatures between 21C and 29C.

Travel Information

The town is served by buses from all major routes such as Chennai etc.