Corporate Event - Day Outing near Chennai

MJ Tours & Travel is an Event Service Manager, which helps you in coordinating between the resorts and within your team. As soon as an event is planned, we will have our coordinators getting in touch with you and help you to run the entire event as planned.

We customize your events calendar and share it to you with the time slots in it. We ensure that nothing gets deviated. As we are a professional event service provider, we have a team that consists of Event Managers, Event Coordinators, Mehandi and Tattoos service providers.

An event can be organized with (or) without team games being included in it. When a corporate team is planning for a day outing, they can express their requirements and we will customize it exactly as required.

As soon as a corporate manager knows about the date for event service, all you have to do is just contact us either through telephone or by email and everything else will be taken care by our event service team. We have been working with almost all the resorts in ECR and the budget for each resort varies depend upon the category of resorts.

ECR has plenty of beach resorts and some of them offer day outings with swimming pool and some of them restrict it to staying guests only. We sell two different team outing packages, one is a Standard team outing and other is a Full day Events service :

Standard Team Outing

This includes welcome drink on arrival, unlimited buffet lunch with two non-veg, evening tea coffee snacks, indoor and outdoor activities, swimming pool (subject to availability), resort facilities, banquet hall and drinks.

Once you reach the resort in ECR, at around 9am you will be received by an event coordinator from MJ Tours & Travel. Banquet hall or venue

We will guide to the banquet hall or venue, where the entire day will be spent. If you are more than 50 members, you will be given a banquet hall or venue as a complementary that will be used for the day outing.

Explore the resort

Our event coordinator will lead you for a resort visit that will help you to understand the facilities better. All the resorts we deal with are beach resorts and they are beautifully located in ECR (East Coast Road) en-route to Mahabalipuram. When you visit the resort, you will see facilities like Restaurants, Beach, Bar (subject to changes), Playing areas, Swimming pool and Activity center.

10 AM - 11 AM: Outdoor Games
Now it's time to play outdoor games where you will be given kits like Beach Volleyball, Cricket kit, Shuttlecock and Tug of war. We play Beach Volleyball by dividing our teams and identify a winning team for the hour.

11 AM - 12 PM: Outdoor game
We choose to play Cricket for this hour and girls can play Shuttlecock. Most of the beach resorts in ECR have a small cricket ground that can be used for this hour.

12 PM - 1 PM: Outdoor game
Now it's time to play Tug of war and test our team's strength! Let us treat all these activities in a sportive way and everyone participate.

1 PM - 2 PM: Lunch break
We had enough activities and it's time to head back to the Banquet hall (or) Venue where the lunch will be served. It will be a buffet with the 15 course menu (including 2 non-veg), unlimited and it can be a self service too. Let us enjoy the food and relax under the shadow.

Food Menu
One Soup, One Veg salad, Two Rotties, Gobi Manchurian Dry, Panneer Butter Masala, One Dhal, Veg Biriyani, Chicken Biriyani, Sambar, Rasam, Curd Rice, Fish Fry, Plain Rice, Ice Cream and Carrot Halva

2 PM - 3 PM: Indoor games
We can move to the activity center for the indoor games. Indoor games consist of Carom, Chess, Table Tennis and Billiards.

3 PM - 4 PM: Swimming pool
Most of the resorts in ECR do have the swimming pools and we will make the best use of them. It is important that we wear the proper swim suits, which will help the resorts to maintain the pool with the best possible way.

4 PM - 5 PM: Snacks and gifts
Now it's time for refreshment, we will have a cup of Tea, Coffee and Snacks. Let us go through the scoring chart and distribute gifts to the winners.

5 PM - 6 PM: Time to Dance
We will play some nice music, which enables you to dance on the floor. Then you will leave home with fond memories.

Full day Events Service

We as an event management company, we will be proud to offer you our full day event service. We do have a customized event service program that lasts for 8-9hours.

Full day event service includes Event manager, a comfier service for a full day, welcome drinks on arrival, buffet lunch (including 2non-veg), Tea coffee snacks, Indoor & Outdoor activities, Swimming pool, Banquet hall (or) Venue for the whole day, DJ and sound service.

For a full day event service, please read below for complete details about our Events Schedule; Welcome drinks on arrival

MJ Tours & Travel works with highly rated resorts in ECR for team outing. Our event service schedule starts at 9AM and ends at 6PM, it can be extended by an hour here and there.

We will be privileged to receive you all at a resort in ECR and will be offered a delicious welcome drinks. Then we move around the resort for a better understanding of the resort facilities.

9 AM - 10 AM: Banquet hall or Venue hall with privacy
You will receive a warm welcome from MJ Tours & Travel and will be offered chairs for getting ready to participate in the team games that start at 10AM. Depending upon the size of the crowd, you will be given either a banquet hall or a venue with lawn area. And we will spend most of the day in this particular area.

10 AM - 11 AM: Comfier & DJ Service
You get introduced to one of our amazing looking comfier, who will be a girl with so much of experience in conducting team games. You will also be entertained for the whole day by a professional DJ with sound service. The first few minutes goes by dividing the corporate crowd into four teams and you will be asked to pick a name for each team. Let us start our games by calling the leaders of each team to lead through and they get briefed about how the points are being shared. First team game, we make the team leaders to stand up and dance and his team members to follow the same way he or she does. The team that coordinates well, will be a winner and gain more points. Similarly, let us play another team game that is called as 'Polo Exchange' Each team members will pass their Polos through a tooth pick to others and the team that does it quickest is a winner and will gain more points.

11 AM to 12 PM: Team Games steaming up
Let us continue this session with three more team games. We will start with the "Chair Race" which is an exciting team game where the entire team participates and helps each other to reach the target. Chairs are kept sequentially and every one stands on their chair and one chair being kept as a passing chair. In this team game the whole team participates and the co-ordination of each team will be tested. The team that reaches the target first is a winner and will gain more points. Balloon Games

In this session, we will pick two people from each team and tie one balloon on their ankles. People will try to burst the balloons of the other team members and the team that has the balloon undisturbed is a winner.

Check Your Strength

In this team game there will be two team members chosen from each team. One has to carry another member. The team that holds his member for the longest amount of time will be the winner.

12 PM to 1 PM: Skill Testing Team Game
We will start this session with the "Valakka Race" which is very exciting and the whole team will be participating. One Valakka will be given to each team and they will have to keep it between the knees and pass it on to their to the team mates after reaching the desired target. The team that finishes first will be a winner and gain more points.

1PM to 2 PM: Lunch Break
Our event coordinator will ensure that you get everything as intended. This will be an unlimited lunch buffet which is a 15 course menu (including two non-veg). Our Standard food menu as mentioned below: One Soup, One Veg salad, Two Rotties, Gobi Manchurian Dry, Panneer Butter Masala, One Dhal, Veg Biriyani, Chicken Biriyani, Sambar, Rasam, Curd Rice, Fish Fry, Plain Rice, Ice Cream and Carrot Halva. Let us relax for a few minutes after lunch.

2 PM to 3 PM: Team Games and Mehandi - Tattoo Service
By now, our events coordinator would have brought Mehandi and Tattoo Service. Whoever is interested can get tattooed and apply mehandi. Simultaneously we will continue with the team games and the first one for this session would be egg catching game. Team members from each team will form a circle and catch the eggs thrown at them. The team that breaks the least number of eggs is a winner. In this session, for the second game we will pick one person from each team and make them look like bodybuilders by inserting balloons underneath their shirts or t-shirts. The one who look like a professional bodybuilder will be a winner. We will end this session by breaking the balloons of your team mates.

3 PM - 4 PM: Dance with the Team
We will start a very interactive dance game where the entire teams participate in it. In this session we will only play one game that lasts for 45 minutes and will conclude the comfier service by distributing gifts to the winners. All participants will dance within a place delimited as a square. The corners are named. Our DJ plays some fast beats and make us dance. As soon as the DJ stops playing each participant should quickly reach a corner. One corner is randomly chosen and people attached to it will be eliminated. Music starts again then will continue the game until we identify a winner. We will also have mehandi and tattoo services available for this hour and you could make the best use of it. It's time for declaring winners and distributes prices. We leave you all with thanks and our DJ & music service, coordinators will be with you until 6PM. Please note that the team games will play a vital role in jelling together and it will be a great success if the people are participative. It is time for us to explore the outdoor activities and our coordinator will get all the required facilities.

4 PM - 6 PM: Swimming pool (subject to availability)
Let us use this hour for swimming pool and outdoor activities. This facility will be offered as 1 hour complementary and it varies depend upon the day you choose (weekend or weekdays).

Outdoor activities

Most of the resorts in ECR provide facilities such as Cricket, Beach Volleyball, Shuttlecock and Tug of war.

Indoor activities

We do have activity center that offers Carom, Chess, Table Tennis and Billiards.

Boat Ride

We do provide boat ride in the sea which will be on chargeable basis.

We glad that we are given an opportunity and we leave you all with thanks and perhaps see you again.